Sources: TheShy to sign with T1

Kang „TheShy“ Seung-Iok is going to be the new starting top laner for the T1 organization in 2022.
Picture: Riot Games

T1 and Kang „TheShy“ Seung-Iok have verbally agreed to a deal that will have the 22 year old top laner join the organization for the 2022 season. The deal is expected to be executed at the end of this week or early next week. T1 and Invictus Gaming have declined to comment.

TheShy will join the Korean powerhouse for the 2022 season after previous T1 top laner Kim „Canna „Chang-dong was involuntarily transferred to Nongshim RedForce. Contract details are not known yet, but it is expected that the 2018 World Champion and official owner of EU tops TheShy will sign a multi-million deal.

This concludes T1’s search of a new top laner this offseason, after successfully screwing over their previous one. The team has previously extended the contract of super star Lee „Faker“ Sang-hyeok and will retain most of their 2021 roster.

Invictus Gaming will now enter the free-agent top laner market. The team will most likely sign a young LPL talent, since LPL just seems to create world class talent out of nowhere each year, like how is that fair at this point.

While T1 has competed at the 2021 World Championship, iG has failed to qualify this year and will look to rebuild for next year.

See the statement on the release of TheShy by Invictus Gaming here.

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