Match Ups To Watch At The 2019 World Championship

Rekkles and Uzi have a lot of history together – last time Uzi came out on top, but a lot has changed since then.
Picture: Riot Games

Worlds starts in only a few more weeks and if feel like we do and u can’t wait for it to finally start, here we have a list that will make you even more hyped: The top 3 match ups to watch in the 2019 World Championship group stage.

1. RekklesHylissang vs. UziMing vs. TeddyEffort

We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing most of those botlanes at the MSI this year so the match up is even more hyped to me. Most of the time when you think of carry botlane you think of a star AD carry like Uzi or Deft, but this botlane has it all: top tier AD carry (and also a top tier Garen) player paired up with one of the, if not the best support of their respective region.

Uzi and Rekkles have a lot of history together, with Uzi coming out on the winning side most of the time, but a lot has changed since the last time these two met: Hylissang and Rekkles work like a well oiled machine now, last time they were still a fairly new botlane duo. And what a lot of people don’t give Rekkles credit for: He has actually improved his champion pool. His Garen paired up with Hylissangs Yuumi is a duo that you have to ban out if you fail to find a counter to it (Mordekaiser ain’t one), and the Karma puts him in a more supportive position compared to the usual champions you see being played in the botlane.

All in all this match up will be insane to watch, and you can be sure that Broxah, Karsa and Clid are already planning jungle routes that includes a few more visits to the bot lane than usual.

2. Jankos vs. Tarzan vs. Svenskeren

The match ups of the MVP junglers and Tarzan will be a pleasure to watch. While Jankos gets put on the Sejuani whenever it’s open, Tarzan and Svenskeren are more lucky with their coach and are allowed to play more carry-oriented junglers from time to time. Marcin „Galaxybrain“ „Jankos“Jankowski was a big reason for G2 winning both Bo5’s vs. their European rival Fnatic and he proved why he got MVP over Mads „Broxah“ Brock-Pedersen. Svenskeren managed to get MVP on a second place team, which isn’t an easy task to do and Tarzan has been praised as the best jungler in the world for quite some time now but has yet to prove himself internationally. All in all this is the perfect recipe for some spicy jungle match ups. Svenskeren might face a bigger challenge since he is likely to have three losing lanes when playing vs. either of those teams, the match up Jankos vs. Tarzan might very well be the catalyst for who gets first seed and therefore an easier quarterfinals match up at Worlds 2019.

3. Faker vs. Nemesis vs. Xiaohu

The situations and expectations of the mid laners of SKT, Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up could not be more different: Faker is competing in his 5th World Championship now, winning 3 of them. Li „Xiaohu“ Yuan-Hao is attending his 4th World Championship, but unlike Faker he has never been the star player on his team and neither has he ever won the most prestigious Esports tournament. Nemesis is still in his Rookie year and will give his Worlds debut facing no easy task. He certainly is way less experienced than the other two, but he has also proved that he is very good and neutralizing strong mid laners like Rasmus „Caps“ Winther in both BO5’s they played. But is that the key to victory for Fnatic? Faker and Xiaohu certainly aren’t considered the main carries on their respective teams either, the focus will lay on the bot lane. If only there was a champion in Nemesis champion pool that excels at roaming, maybe even with an ultimate that enables surprise ganks to the bottom lane… It ain’t luck, it’s destiny.


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