Cloud9 to add Bjergsen, Mikyx and Hans sama to 2022 Roster

According to sources, Steven „Hans sama“ Liv, Mihael „Mikyx“ Mehle and Søren „Bjergsen“ Bjerg are joining Cloud9 for the 2022 season
Picture: Riot Games

The 2022 roster for North American team Cloud9 has been completed, according to multiple sources, one of them being the CEO of Cloud9 himself, Jack Etienne, going on Twitter and confirming the rumors. The team will consist of star ADC Hans sama, world class support player Mikyx, and Bjergsen.

After last year I’ve learned to be careful about sharing roster information early but I’d like to clarify one (…) rumor. I’m certain the roster will (…) include (…) the following people:
Hans sama
They are all incredible players (…) joining C9

Jack Etienne, Founder and CEO of Cloud9, on Twitter

Bjergsen will replace Luka „Perkz“ Perković, a mid laner who is considered as the western G.O.A.T by many. Hans sama, not many know is that his name is not actually Hans, will replace Jesper „Zven“ Svenningsen.

Hans sama and Mikyx will be added onto the list of many European players who have been bought out by North American teams while in their prime. Hans sama in particular has had a very strong showing at worlds, getting a lot of teams like Astralis, Excel and even TSM interested in him.

Read the statement by the son of Jack Etienne and Cloud9 GM Mateus Portilho here.


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