Reginald: „After all, why the fuck not“ on returning to pro play

Andy „Reginald“ Dinh is rumored to be interested to return to pro play
Picture: Riot Games

Current CEO of TSM Andy „Reginald“ Dinh is interested in returning to pro play, saying if Bjergsen and Doublelift can do it, then „after all, why the fuck not“. It is not yet known if he will be playing for TSM, but it is highly likely since the team is currently without a mid laner.

Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Andy „Reginald“ Dinh on who will play mid lane for TSM next year

Reginald, who is one of the few people that have a play in League of Legends named after themselves (Blue Card TF), hasn’t played League of Legends professionally since well over a decade. It is not yet known who will take over the role of the CEO on TSM.


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