Bjergsen and Rekkles to join NIP

Both Søren „Bjergsen“ Bjerg (left) and Martin „Rekkles“ Larsson are set to join the LPL next split

Ninjas in Pyjamas is set to join the LPL with a Bang: The two superstar veteran players Søren „Bjergsen“ Bjerg and Martin „Rekkles“ Larsson are set to join the team for the upcoming split. This move would confirm the rumors that Rekkles wants to leave G2 and that Bjergsen wants to return to competitive play. Both players will be the first western imports in the Chinese Superleague LPL.

Rekkles had a very disappointing spring and summer split with European powerhouse G2Esports, missing both MSI and Worlds for the first time in many years for the organization. NIP is looking to buy out the Swedish AD Carry after newly recruited „Esports Memes“ (yes, that’s his job title) Fosty did not stop spamming the Slack Channel of the team to buy Rekkles, because he „has a really good meme idea for that“.

Bjergsen, who admitted he only retired to bait Yilliang „Doublelift“ Peng into retiring with him, will leave the coaching position at TSM to look for a new challenge in the LPL. Originally he wanted to play mid lane for TSM, but then felt bad for Tristan „PowerOfEvil“ Schrage when only CLG showed interest in the player.

You can’t do this to me, man. Everywhere but CLG, not that shitshow of an org again, please!

Tristan „PowerOfEvil“ Schrage

It is not yet known who else will join the two Europeans in the roster, but it is speculated that NIP is looking to invest a lot of money in their League of Legends team to push for Worlds 2022. Riot Games allowed Bjergsen to keep all his shares in TSM FTX, under the condition that he is not allowed to play if they ever meet at Worlds or MSI. Knowing TSM, he should be fine.

Read more on the roster move here.


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