Western Teams announce plans to establish Western Super League

The 10 strongest western League of Legends teams are planning to establish a Western League of Legends Super League. Teams from both NA and EU came together to discuss which teams should be included and which should not. The 10 teams that were on the final list are: FNATIC, G2esports, XL, Misfits Gaming, Astralis, Vitality, SK Gaming, MAD Lions, Rogue and S04 Esports.

After long speculation about the formation of a „Western League of Legends Super League“, the competition was established by ten teams in April 2021. These 10 „founding clubs“ are permanent participants in the competition, of which they will govern. According to the organisation, the competition will commence „as soon as practicable“ with talks of it commencing right after the 2021 Mid Season Invitational.

Only the 10 best western League of Legends teams will be allowed to participate. The list has been exclusively sent to TheShoutcaster ahead of the official announcement by the teams. There had been a lot of speculation about who would compete in the competition, but now we know:

FNATIC, G2Esports, XL, Misfits Gaming, Asstralis, Vitality, SK Gaming, MAD Lions, Rogue and S04 Esports are the teams announced as founding members. It is not yet clear if, how and when the League will expand.


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