Sources: Uzi to come out of retirement to play one last split alongside ppgod

Jian „Uzi“ Zi Hao is rumored to return from retirement for one last split for a chance to play alongside the legend ppgod himself
Picture: Riot Games

Jian „Uzi“ Zi-Hao is rumored to sign with the Chinese org Victory Five for the 2021 Spring Split. He returns from retirement after V5 approached him with an offer he could not refuse: Come out of retirement to play one last split alongside ppgod himself.

As it stands, Uzi appears to not have signed a contract yet, though the negotiations are expected to be done till the end of the coming week.

„I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse“

GM of V5 before making Uzi an offer he could not refuse

This move will unite the two strongest native Chinese players of all time on the same Botlane. After 8 years and many titles, Uzi left the LPL and China. While he has won a lot, he did not manage to win the biggest League of Legends competititon, the World Championship. He was very close two times as he has made the finals of the tournament twice, but ended up not winning it both times.

The legend himself: Guo „ppgod“ Peng
Picture: Twitter @ppgodchurch

Check out the official Statement here.


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